What benefits does a nanny staffing agency give?

Often when you need a nanny your first port of call is friends who’ve hired nannies before – where did they get theirs?

Is this really the best way to go about things? If you were hiring at work, is this what you would do – or would you invest in a bit more expertise? And if you hire a nanny from a private ad, do you really know who you’re getting?

Even some nanny staffing agencies will just find you someone then leave you – we’re different, here’s 7 reasons why:

We stick with you
Our nanny staffing agency service starts with detailed conversations with you and with our candidates. Our aim is to really work out what it is you need. We will bring up things you may not even have considered – like nannies who can perform additional tasks. And we stick with you, offering a continuing service. We’re there to help you manage your employee well, and to maximise efficiencies. As a nanny staffing agency (and an agency for all household staff) we discuss performance reviews, can help solve HR issues that arise, and are at the end of the phone. We don’t hire and leave.

We’re great matchmakers
We pride ourselves on really matching clients with nannies successfully, by asking detailed questions and listening to the answers. For example, we set up scenarios and ask the employer and candidate how they would react. These scenarios are derived from what we have gleaned from the brief.

We’re old hands
We’re not fresh out of uni, we’re experienced recruiters. As part of our parent company Progressive Personnel Ltd, 14fiftyseven’s directors have been successfully hiring in the travel industry for over 16 years. We know the successes and pitfalls on all sides of recruitment, and how to handle them to get the right outcome for everyone. We have loved broadening our offering into becoming a nanny staffing agency as well as an agency for all household recruitment. We know that happy staff and happy employers are the way forward.

We look at humans not just CVs
We don’t just base our searches on specific experience. We rarely just place an ad to attract a great nanny – we use our network, and headhunt the best person for you. Some of our nanny candidates have a broad skill set and may have worked in a hotel environment that’s similar to running a large household – these people can often add much more to your lives than just nannying, too. James and Tony have a real skill in recognising exceptional candidates. Perhaps a candidate is a teacher who would like a change and to bring her expertise to a household with children. Or maybe they’re a blogger who values nutrition and wants a captive household to share their recipes. Each and every time we hire a nanny, we make sure the people match up. Hiring a great nanny is about people not just CVs.

We’re thorough
When we engage with our clients we ask multiple questions about what they want from their new nanny, right down to their daily timetable. In doing so we get a clear picture of expectations. This is vital. For example, one household may like to have no interruptions from the nanny at breakfast. Knowing this prior to starting restricts any offence being taken when this arises, as we have addressed it during the getting-to-know-you session. Often our clients are very busy people, and are reluctant to spend this time talking to us. We can only assure you that spending this time upfront will make for a much more successful match between new nanny and family.

We face the retention issue head-on
Retention is a huge issue in the domestic staff market, particularly with nannies. We address this from the outset. If a client says my team need to work a 12-hour day we make them aware we can’t endorse this. If we discover multiple staff have come and gone before we have arrived, we look at shift patterns and then work with the client to address this. Having people living together in close proximity can be difficult at the best of times, throw long hours and tiredness into the mix and things quickly start to unravel. We understand there will be occasions when additional nanny hours may be needed, but there are ways around this with clear communication. State your expectations and don’t hope problems will go away. The benefit of using a skilled nanny staffing agency like ours is that you don’t have to deal with problems alone. Our expertise is ready and waiting.

We help anyone
Whether you’re a billionaire or just starting out, we help you thrive on feeling secure in the knowledge that you have expert help, working out solutions for all budgets, and crucially matching the right nanny to your family. Employing household staff and working can be like navigating one’s way through unchartered waters with no buoyancy aid. At 14fiftyseven we become the floatation aid. We let you sail off with every conceivable prop in your emotional toolkit to safely arrive back at the shoreline.

Susie Osborough, Director

Hire a nanny with us – 14fiftyseven – a great nanny staffing agency, and more. You won’t be disappointed. Get in touch by phone +44 (0) 208 616 1457  or email hello@14fiftyseven.com or fill in our Looking to hire form here

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