Finding the best people for your family office jobs means using a trusted agency that understands the needs of HNW families

As anyone who has a complex and busy life involving managing money and properties will tell you, a family office is a necessity. Increasingly, we’re seeing HNWIs and families with demanding schedules who require the services of more than one person to help run their assets and lives. 

Family office asset management

The core requirement of most family offices is to manage assets. The services tend to involve a team covering investments and financial planning, tax, insurance, charitable donations, cash flow, risk management, legal issues, and all finances across a family’s life. Many people opt for a family office set-up that works for several HNW families, but some prefer a personal family office – often referred to as a single family office.

The type of family office jobs required is myriad. They vary from specialist accountants and finance lawyers to admin assistants. Other positions that can come within the family office job remit can be anything from estate managers to personal PAs. Whatever the role, using a family office recruitment specialist will make sure you get a candidate – and agency – who understands the needs of this type of family. Simply calling up a regular tax or PA agency is unlikely to yield the kind of people you need.

As such an agency, 14fiftyseven is used to dealing with UHNW individuals. We work closely with our partner Alexei Cantacuzene-Speransky from Rose Partners, to ensure candidates are fully checked, and that any security issues are noted. We also fully understand the need for discretion, and brief all our candidates accordingly. We know the pitfalls of household employment and can help ensure you steer clear of potential problems when filling these family office jobs.

What we do is beyond simply filling the role; we get information about the role and the family hiring before we ask candidates to apply. We look at the whole picture, not just the job. This always ensures a better fit, and more satisfaction for both candidate and employer. No one wants a constantly changing staff, whether in business or in the household, and we aim to lessen the chance of a high turnover.

Additional roles of family office jobs

Often, particularly with single family offices, family office jobs extend to lifestyle management for the family, too.

We’re a great advocate of lifestyle management (and not just for HNW families; we provide lifestyle managers for middle-income families, too). The way we approach finding household staff who can improve your lifestyle by giving you back hours of valuable time every week, is by discussing how to optimise staff spend and working out exactly what your needs are. We often find there are task that a lifestyle manager can do for you that you haven’t even considered.

The best lifestyle managers are able to fit in seamlessly with the family they work for – and our recruitment process goes a long way to ensuring the perfect fit. The lifestyle management role can be a personal concierge service for families. This can include managing travel, yacht and property management, and handling personal finances in conjunction with accounting staff. And sometimes, some of the roles of housekeeper, nanny, gardener, dog walker and cleaner can be interwoven, and this way costs are cut.

Some families want a fashion-savvy lifestyle manager to help manage social media, outfits, appointments and party organisation. Others prefer someone to book holidays, help with kids’ lifts, and cook. It’s a changeable role – using a dedicated household recruitment agency will make sure you find someone to suit you.

So, whether you’re looking for a private accountant, or a lifestyle manager used to a jet-setting family environment, or simply an estate manager to work across several properties, make sure you use an agency who fully understands your needs.


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