We want to break the taboo around hiring a full time nanny – it’s more affordable than you think

A few years ago, articles and books about ‘having it all’ were all the rage. I remember in particular Allison Pearson’s comic novel ‘I Don’t know How She Does it’ for its sharp wit and prescient points about the demands of being a woman in business. And a stack of self-help books with ‘having it all’ in the title appeared on bookshop shelves, either telling you to accept what you already have, or go for it and climb to the top. Articles clutter up the internet with arguments about women having it all, and men not having it all, and everything in between.

What a lot of these articles, books, blogs and rants don’t do is talk about nannies. And, even less, about hiring a full time nanny.

For some reason, hiring a full time nanny is still a bit of a taboo, seen as the preserve of the super rich. And even they don’t talk about it (see my earlier blog about celebs). But for most hardworking employed women, childcare is the main barrier to achieving great heights in a career. Yet, for a lifetime of cultural reasons, admitting that you need a full time nanny is tantamount to admitting that you don’t care about your kids.

Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. We say it’s far better to admit that by hiring someone to help out with the myriad (often mind-numbing) tasks of cooking, washing, nappy-changing, and childminding you are able to work hard, then come home and know that your children have been well cared for while you’re at work. You then get to spend quality time with them.

The full time nanny guilt conundrum

But because hiring a full time nanny still brings on feelings of guilt, those that do hire a full time nanny tend to keep the fact under wraps. It’s time to bust the myth. Having a full time nanny is brilliant – it means the problem of childcare is solved, swiftly and easily. The person who looks after your children is qualified, wants to do it, and is loyal to you and your family. Meanwhile, you still get to have a fulfilling career, and don’t have the problem of taking up to 10 years out of your working life. We have nothing against those that choose to be full time mums, either, but we really want to enable those women who want to work, to do so without crippling guilt.

Professional, experienced full time nannies are the best option

And, unlike at a creche, nursery, or friends’ house, by hiring a full time nanny you set the terms of how you’d like your children to be looked after, from what they eat to what sort of toys they play with. If you hire through a good nanny agency, you’ll get background checks, help with hiring and interviewing, advice and assistance if you need it with appraisals, working schedules, and a proper set up for payment and tax. It takes the worry away, and ensures everything is done professionally.

These days, it’s not uncommon for dads to take on a lot of the childcare, or to stay at home while the mum goes out to work. That’s all very well when that’s what both parties want, but if both parents want to work, a full time nanny is the best option.

So many women we speak to are in a busy cycle of working using different childcare options involving a mix of nurseries, au pairs, family, and playdates. This combination can end up just causing more work – whether its racing to get to the nursery on time before you get that stern look from the nursery staff or – these days – a monetary fine, or feeling guilty that ageing parents are having to do more than their fair share of babysitting.

So, if you need to make your career count and want the reassurance that your child will be well looked after in your own home, we can thoroughly recommend the hiring a full time nanny option. Just one request, please tell everyone how great it is when you get one, so that we can bust the full time nanny taboo!

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