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How to hire a lifestyle manager

We are recruitment experts and know how to hire a lifestyle manager to suit your needs.

Matching a lifestyle manager with your needs

Our skill is in working out what you need and providing the right person to fill that role. We start with a conversation to find out more about your life and what kind of lifestyle manager could benefit you.

Get it right and hiring a lifestyle manager will improve your work-life balance, offloading time-consuming tasks in order to do more of what you enjoy, whether that’s being with family, exercising, or learning to fly a plane.

Every lifestyle manager position is unique because lifestyle management services vary from job to job. For one client, a lifestyle manager could mainly help with business admin while also booking personal travel and restaurants. For another, they might cook, organise household bills, garden, shop, and walk the dog.

Some roles involve luxury travel, others will be based in a client’s home, and many will crisscross between work and home in the style of a versatile PA. At 14fiftyseven our USP is hiring flexible modern staff to enhance employers’ lives.

When traditional job titles like PA, nanny, housekeeper, and house manager don’t quite fit, modern lifestyle management may be the answer.

How to hire a nanny

How to hire a lifestyle manager within your budget

It doesn’t matter if you’re a millionaire, a dot-com start up, or a busy parent in need of an extra pair of hands,
a lifestyle manager could make all the difference to your work-life balance.

We’re not like other household recruitment agencies – read more here.

Payment and tax

If you’re employing someone in your household, you need to address salary, tax and pension requirements in a professional way. It’s the right way of going about how to hire a lifestyle manager who works within your business or within your home.

The good news is we can sort this out for you. You’ll be safe in the knowledge that everything is above board and being dealt with in a legal and professional way.

Discretion and Discrimination

We understand the need for discretion. We are a modern company where there is no place for discrimination.

Other lifestyle management companies are all about luxury lifestyle management. We think luxury can be a part of all our lives. We recognise that most of all lifestyle management is about giving people back time to live their lives well – even if that simply means the luxury of an extra hour a day to run in the park.

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