Hiring a new kind of personal assistant makes sense

If someone says personal assistant, what do you think of? A secretary perhaps – someone who does a bit of admin, helps generally in an office, and has limited opportunity to expand their role.

We’re turning that notion on its head here at 14fiftyseven. Our personal assistants are called lifestyle managers for a start – and they help you at home, giving you back that most precious gift of time.

You put great effort into hiring expert assistance at work, we’re here to help you do the same at home, and are the answer to how to hire a personal assistant and get your life back.

We see the new role of household personal assistant, or lifestyle manager, belonging to a person who has lived a little, is intuitive, proactive, and eager. When we consider how to hire a personal assistant, we’re looking for someone empathetic rather than opinionated who won’t be resentful, moody, or hold a grudge if asked to do something difficult. These new roles are for versatile up-for-it people who want an interesting life. These are all qualities I discussed in a recent client meeting for someone wondering how to hire a personal assistant who could take on an assortment of roles.

How to hire a personal assistant at home who is versatile

Versatility is particularly important. One clients employed just such a person last week. Initially they thought they simply wanted a housekeeper. But they got so much more with the person we introduced them to. This lifestyle manager comes with a variety of life experiences, adding a new dimension to the household. Her ideas on maximising efficiencies are being welcomed. The new employee can quickly become a trusted confidante and advisor.

At 14fiftyseven we are also available for employment advice, so you don’t feel abandoned as your new member of staff beds in.

Basically, we’re elevating the role of personal assistant in the home, which benefits both client and candidate. The lifestyle manager role is thought of with respect and admiration and is therefore a more desirable job with more than one interesting element. The person brings value to the role. They’re not just an order taker – of course they do the tasks assigned, but also deliver that little bit more. These new lifestyle managers will use their initiative to anticipate needs. So, if a candidate comes to us with the attitude that something is not part of their job description, they can swiftly exit left.

When looking at how to hire a personal assistant – or lifestyle manager – consider that the candidate could have been a teacher before, perhaps, or a nurse, fashion stylist, operations manager, or sales person. What we’re saying is any role could lead to this new personal assistant role. What’s key is attitude, and the right match between client and candidate, as every job is different. Even a retiree might be the ideal candidate – someone who’s left their first career but is still active and bright. Instead they may want a new part-time role that would bring real interest to their lives.

How hiring this new breed of personal assistant can help you

It’s simple really, our candidates bring that all-important seamless support, and diverse skill sets to streamline the need for multiple staff. So, one person could fulfil the roles of gardener, cook, cleaner, PA, and driver. Not only does this save on multiple salaries, but it also declutters clients’ lives.

Many clients are busy people and when at home they struggle to relax because so much needs to be done in the home. Our new lifestyle manager roles help them to address their work-life balance and prioritise their needs. We shift your life slightly, meaning you can become time rich instead of time poor.

The way we do this is to provide a thorough inventory on what your needs are. This starts with a simple phone call from one of our great team.  Call us on +44 (0) 208 616 1457; we’re listening.

Even Bill Gates agrees that time is our most precious commodity. Watch the Microsoft boss talking about it with Charlie Rose in this short clip.

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