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How to hire a PA

We are recruitment experts and know how to find the right PA for you.

How to hire a PA that suits your needs

At 14fiftyseven we always start with a conversation about your needs. A PA can fulfill many roles. We have a detailed chat with you about how you envisage the new PA role working.

We specialise in offering PA services that cross between home and office life. This role could encompass the roles of concierge, household manager, and admin assistant in one.

Think about what qualities matter to you in a PA. Is a versatile can-do attitude important? Is having previous experience in a similar position a prerequisite? Is this a person who may travel with you – in which case, flexibility and adaptability will be relevant. Do you need someone full or part-time?

Every situation and role is different, and it’s important we get each placement of a candidate right for each client. Our experience as recruiters for our parent company Progressive Personnel Ltd means we are highly attuned to getting it right.

How to hire a nanny

Payment and tax

If you’re employing someone in your household, you need to address salary, tax and pension requirements in a professional way. It’s the right way of going about how to hire a PA who works within your business, or within your home.

The good news is we can sort this out for you. You’ll be safe in the knowledge that everything is above board and being dealt with in a legal and professional way.

Retention and HR issues

We know that retention of good staff is an issue, and we also know that if there are problems – for example personality clashes or differing expectations of a role – then they can be difficult to sort out.

Unlike most PA recruitment agencies, we encourage a system of regular appraisals. We can guide our clients in this process. In most cases, this will iron out any problems before they even become hard to handle.

How to hire a PA within your budget

Whether you’re a multi-millionaire or just starting out – we can find a PA solution within your budget.

Think outside the box

Have you considered a PA with experience outside the usual office training? We encourage our clients to think about how to hire a PA in a modern way.

Someone who has previously been a school teacher, or police officer may in fact be the perfect candidate. Someone with alternative experience to being a PA may be able to problem solve in a creative way and could tackle problems confidently without coming to you for approval at every turn.

In all cases, we start with that detailed chat, and we assess and discuss with you what your needs are and how they will best be met.

Good communication

Clear communication is incredibly important when hiring all staff, particularly if they will be working within your household or with your family members.

First, when we engage with clients we ask detailed questions right down to understanding the client’s daily timetable. Our aim is to get a clear picture of expectations. We want to make sure you and the new PA are happy, and we do everything to make that happen.

We also stay in touch, so that if any difficulties arise, both the PA and the client can come back to us to begin solving the issue.

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