How to hire a butler in the 21st century

The role of butler is moving on. There are still households that employ suited and booted household managers in the Jeeves model. But increasingly, we are seeing busy modern people who need a more modern solution for what is a housekeeper and all-round-helper role.

This helper might be male or female and will take on tasks from walking the dog, to cleaning the car, online shopping, cooking and serving a dinner party menu, and seeing the kids off to school.

The modern butler will be intuitive – knowing what their employer needs. They understand the need to be flexible and don’t suffer from mood swings.

How to hire a butler has become a much more modern affair than a stiff advert in an old-fashioned magazine.

What is a modern butler called?

We’re more likely to call these people Lifestyle Managers. But we’re not too bothered about semantics.

Yes, they may have done a butlering course, or have been in hospitality, but these men and women may also be ex-army, airline staff, or former teachers. Attitude and aptitude matter more than previous roles.

At 14fiftyseven, we’re moving away from the old titles – butler, nanny, PA. Our Lifestyle Managers can be all these roles in one. Instead of the question, ‘how to hire a butler’ you may ask, ‘how to hire a Lifestyle Manager’ or ‘how to hire a PA who can also help me at home’. The key is, how do you want this person to help you.

Who hires butlers these days?

Anyone. Do you ever sit in your office wondering about what your family will eat for dinner, who will walk the dog, whether you asked the cleaner to dust, or is it May already – where are we going on holiday, and is it really three weeks since you went to the gym?

It’s likely the phrase, ‘how to hire a butler’ doesn’t enter your head at this point, but hiring a Lifestyle Manager could fix all of these problems, allowing you to concentrate on work then when you get home concentrate on the things you really want to do.

While it may be hard to imagine a Jeeves-like uniformed butler completing all the above tasks (so that you can actually use that gym membership), redress them in casual clothes and give them a Lifestyle Manager title, and suddenly you’re in the 21st century with a willing helper to help you live your life better.

Think you have to be mega-rich to afford this kind of help? Think again. If you’ve ever considered hiring a nanny, cleaner or even gardener, you can probably afford a Lifestyle Manager. We can help you work out your budget to make it work for you.

Get your focus back on track

To sound like a millennial, YOLO. Make the most of your life and achieve the lifestyle you want, using our expertise to find the perfect fit. As part of the Progressive Personnel Group, we’ve been there – we’re experienced recruiters who have seen a bit of life and the world, and know the problems of juggling life and work. We know how to recruit the right help for the right clients.

Employing a modern butler – or Lifestyle Manager – can reset your life. You may be able to work an hour longer a day as well as care for your own needs better. Imagine the butler/lifestyle manager has researched holidays for you, that’s already a day’s work and a fortnight’s stressing gone. If they’ve prepared the weekday meals and all you have to do is heat and serve, that’s another hour a day saved. The list of useful jobs is endless.

Talk to us today about rebalancing your life with a modern-day Jeeves or Jane.

Susie Osborough, Director

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