How to live like a royal

Wasn’t the royal wedding great? All that joyous people-watching and frock-spotting – the sun, the glamour, the emotion, the spotless prettiness of the setting.

It got me thinking, while admiring the outfits, about how they do it. The royals, the celebs – how they appear so perfectly groomed, made up, clutter-free. I know when I’ve attended weddings, I’m usually carrying something – a present, a card, a large handbag with tissues, make up, phone. I’ll have arrived in an Uber and will have spent a good while choosing my outfit, gift and other essentials of the day.

The answer, of course, is that the royals and the celebs have help. Amal Clooney probably didn’t simply pick her vibrant yellow Stella McCartney outfit off the internet, and Oprah, too, who opted for McCartney had to get her people to organise a last-minute change of outfit as she was worried her original choice would look too white for a wedding. Lady Kitty Spencer’s beautiful green Dolce & Gabbana dress, bespoke Philip Treacy hat, Bulgari jewellery, and makeup by Sarah Jane Wai (using celeb favourite products by Charlotte Tilbury) certainly took some prior organising.

For most of the A-list women who were there on the day, they will have had someone – a PA, a lifestyle manager – call up fashion houses months ago, maybe collect in various outfits to choose from. Same with the make-up. These days there’s a variety of professional stylists to choose from and the good PAs will be in the know about who to call up for royal wedding day perfect-makeup and clothes. They’ll also have organised gifts and transport.

And what of all those couples’ children? Zara and Mike Tindall’s little daughter Mia, Elton’s kids, the Clooney’s’ twins were all being looked after by someone, somewhere. At some point, when their fame got to a certain point, they will have done the search for a personal assistant staffing agency to provide expert professional help to manage their lives.

And the wedding itself – that clearly took armies of staff. But for your wedding? Who helped you – or if you’ve organised any big party. Chances are, you’re a working person, who as soon as you add something big to your agenda – a wedding, or party – starts to madly juggle.

It’s the most common problem I hear in this job. People just don’t have enough time – and they’re often anxious and stressed about getting everything done.

The answer, people, once again, is to get help. Search online for a personal assistant staffing agency, and what’s likely to appear is a job with set criteria. That’ s great for some, but others could use someone more flexible. In today’s job market, that’s what we can provide here at 14fiftyseven.

It’s likely that if you’re feeling this sort of stress – maybe not ‘how can I be more royal’ but ‘how can I be less busy and stressed’, you haven’t even yet thought about searching for that personal assistant staffing agency. But it’s exactly what you need – professional help in the form of someone to delegate to.

And if attending royal events is your kind of thing, maybe that extra pair of hands – PA, flexible Lifestyle Manager – can start by getting you on the right party lists, too…

So, could an extra pair of hands help you live more like a royal? You’d be surprised how affordable it could be. Call us and we can help you create a position to take the stress out of your life. Tel 0208 616 1457 to discuss, or connect with me on LinkedIn and get in touch there.

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