Here’s how to really improve your work life balance in 2019

The world is full of self-help advice – books, TED talks, Apps – all offering the chance to improve your work life balance and create a better and more successful way of living. However, as this article on the US self-improvement industry in 2018 says, people are becoming more sceptical and looking for better returns on their investment of time and money. And with a whopping $10billion self-help industry in the US, there is plenty of money being spent.

But can reading a book really change your life, or would making more tangible changes to your lifestyle work better?

We’re inclined to think the latter. Having launched 14fiftyseven at the beginning of this year, we’ve spoken to many people looking to make changes to their work-life balance. We’ve placed lifestyle managers in roles that allow the employer to benefit from much more than just an admin assistant. We’ve placed nannies who do a range of jobs for their employer, where both parties have had a revelation moment about how their lives have improved.

Want more time in 2019? Want to really transform and improve your work-life balance? Want to spend more time on the things you love – whether that’s getting fit, being with family, or starting a hobby? Start by reading our guide, below:

Here are our thoughts on how to improve your work-life balance

Write a list
Start with the things you don’t enjoy; a list of every single job in your daily life that you don’t like, big and small. This might include cleaning, ironing, cooking family dinner every night, organising household bills, doing work admin at home, being the family taxi service. Next, write a list of all the things you do enjoy; this might include socialising with friends, reading a bedtime story to a child, exercising, relaxing in front of the TV, going out for meals.

Write possible solutions
If the things you don’t enjoy are getting in the way of the things you do enjoy – for example if you’re racing home from work every day to scramble dinner together then drive kids around to clubs instead of having time to exercise or relax – then the solutions could be one of the following.
a) Delegate to another member of the family, but is that just shifting the problem to someone else? b) Hire someone to help do the jobs you don’t enjoy. We find that if people start a conversation with us with all this information to hand, then we can easily find them a workable solution by hiring the right help to complete a mixture of lifestyle enhancing tasks. Yes, we mean someone who could work flexible hours to literally drive your children around, or prepare meals for 5 nights a week.

Yes, we all know exercise is good for our mind and body, but if it was that easy, we’d all be super fit and healthy, and as the diabetes epidemic evidences, we’re not. The trick is not to beat ourselves up about exercise, but to make a plan and make time. It’s that making time part that’s hard. So many of us intend to go for a jog, swim, walk, or exercise class, but then find that the pressure of our schedules prevents us. Our solution is to look again at those schedules and to speak to us to find help to offload the boring parts of that schedule, whether it’s cooking, lift-giving, or extra work. We find staff who can do a number of different tasks.

Find an activity that suits you
Just because hot-yoga has changed your friend’s life, it doesn’t mean it will change yours. Perhaps a stroll around the park and an extra hour to lie in the bath with a scented candle would add immeasurable pleasure to your life, and enhance your work-life balance way beyond anything you imagined. Don’t be afraid to try different options – but always make the time to think about your needs during the day.

Make time
Easier said than done, you say. We say, write down your weekly spend and see what you can shift, and speak to us about hiring help. Many people with a pet hire a dog-walker for a couple of hours a day. Could you hire someone to come in and cook for you, as well as clean or garden for a few hours a week – and they could walk the dog, too? Our candidates like to have variety in their roles, and a mix of tasks is a better use of your budget, too. You don’t have to hire a full-time lifestyle manager to get a lot of benefit and add valuable time back into your life.

Hire a lifestyle manager
We’re here to find creative solutions and great staff to allow you to improve your work-life balance. Make 2019 the year you really change your life, by employing lifestyle management help.


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