In-house lifestyle management and concierge services could reduce staff stress levels and help your business

The world is changing – a cliché I know. But as more millennials enter the workplace and corporate culture slowly relaxes and adapts to the way we all live in the modern world, it’s time to start thinking how to make your business one notch better than the next person’s.

Here’s our idea – hire someone in-house to perform lifestyle management and concierge services. Imagine how great it would be and how much more productive your staff could be if you had a concierge desk in your office for staff to avail of? These days, keeping staff happy is a recognised way to keep your business growing and moving forward.

If you hire someone to take in and collect dry cleaning, phone in lunch orders, make appointments, find a plumber, book restaurant tables and drop off and pick up Amazon orders or returns, hire childminders or personal shoppers for staff and book them, that this could be a huge benefit to staff, and to productivity. It is a no brainier as far as I’m concerned. Chances are the big bosses use their assistants for these services – so why not make everyone feel looked after? It’s a great way to keep your staff happy and ensure they’re concentrating on their jobs rather than battling with a delivery problem for an entire morning while at work.

Corporate concierge could be an office perk

If we think of this in-house concierge as a corporate bonus, much like offering membership at a gym, or a health package, then it starts to become a normal idea. Good staff are always looking out for the best perks in a company, whether that’s high-end corporate travel or this kind of help with the day to day hassles of life. Install these lifestyle management and concierge services and you’ll put your business one step ahead of the competition.

In the 90’s I travelled back and forth to the US working in luxury fashion, showing collections in many smart US homes for what were known as fashion trunk shows back then. We arrived and dazzled everyone with our hot-off-the-London-catwalk collections, presenting the clothes to private clients. These clients, even then, had a support network in place. They often had a private stylist and shopper who they relied on to dress them for public events such as weddings, board meetings, media interviews, skiing holidays, etc. You would assume this type of support was for the mega rich, but it wasn’t necessarily the case. Many women confided in me, ‘I spend this money on getting expert advice and help as it allows me to focus on my career. If I know I’m dressed appropriately then my confidence is boosted, as I know my stylist is on the button as far as fashion is concerned – and knows what fits and suits me.’

This mega-rich equation works for the corporate concierge idea too. It’s possible that for just one extra salary, your company will appear to be more successful, your staff will feel more nurtured, and as I’ve said, your productivity will go up. And with access to lifestyle management and concierge services your staff will start to feel like they’re living a more privileged life without having to be mega-rich themselves.

Another thing I always took away from these US fashion trips was how much more relaxed these people appeared. No doubt behind the scenes they shared the same battles every working person does but because they had the concierge type support in place, their lives seemed to run more smoothly. Somehow us Brits are embarrassed to admit our supposed weaknesses and make life easier for ourselves. Well I’m over that. I’m at an age where I seek guidance, hang on to someone who knows more than me about a topic, and no longer feel ashamed to ask for help. I now use a variety of lifestyle management and concierge services across my life and as a result, I’m happier and more relaxed.

Put help in place to reap the benefits

However, back when I was younger and bringing up children while running a business, I used to be a bit of a martyr! Take ironing, for example. I loathe it and used to make my family’s life hell listening to me plough through it. Then I met Jennifer, who loved ironing (she said!) and set up an ironing business. My life became so much richer just from dropping the ironing and for such a small amount of expenditure. I was supporting Jennifer’s new venture and my family had me happy again. Win win.

Swerving back to the lifestyle management and corporate concierge idea, imagine how much greater it would be if your company had a Jennifer – a concierge, who didn’t just delegate out the ironing but also supported other areas of your employees’ lives, making everyone’s life just a little bit easier to run? Only good things can come of it, I’m sure.

So, either suggest it to your boss – or if you are the boss, give us a call and find out just who we know that just might change your business, keep your staff happy, and start to change the British culture of being a martyr about accepting help for jobs which take a lot of time and hassle and can easily be outsourced.

Susie Osborough, Director 14fiftyseven

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