Your lifestyle management services in London could be provided by one bespoke lifestyle manager. Find out how…

Pop ‘lifestyle management services London’ into Google, and you’re hit with a barrage of concierge companies who will service your every need at the end of the phone. That’s all very well, but are you guaranteed to always get the same person? Do they really know you? What you like? Which are your favourite restaurants, golf courses, holiday preferences? Yes, they’ll have a list, but can a list really sum you up?

There is a need for those concierge companies, of course. But imagine having your own personal London lifestyle manager for a moment.

What we offer is one person who’s dedicated to you. And this isn’t just a service for the super-rich. Yes, as this blog interview with Tyra Banks’ former lifestyle manager shows, celebrities and others like them do employ lifestyle managers, but so do those with less celebrity lifestyles. Take Scottish Financial Advisor, Claire Giles, who we interviewed earlier this year. She employs a lifestyle manager across her work and home life extremely successfully for both parties.

Basically, a lifestyle manager is your own personal concierge service, who can take on admin tasks plus jobs like walking the dog, too. It’s a flexible, personal staff member – an executive assistant, if you like – who, once terms are agreed, will help you in whatever way will make your life run more smoothly.

5 lifestyle management services a bespoke lifestyle manager could offer:

  • PA  A bespoke lifestyle manager is really an advanced personal assistant who organises a client’s life across the board: with home and office admin, organisation, and general management to make the client’s life run as smoothly as possible. For those whose business and personal lives are interlinked – maybe you’re a company director, or run a business from home – a lifestyle manager can seamlessly help with business and home tasks.
  • Travel  If you’re someone who travels regularly with work, you may already have someone who deals with your business travel, a business travel manager, or similar. However, for personal trips, wouldn’t it be great to have someone research the right hotel, the best car hire or transfer services, buy new luggage, order cabs, even help you pack?
  • Events  If you need a dinner party organised, a lifestyle manager can easily do that for you; some are great cooks, others can quickly book a reputable dinner-party caterer. Want a big party? The lifestyle manager can find venues, caterers, bar staff, DJs, bands, decoration. It’s their job to be well-connected.
  • Driving  If you’re not in the market for a full-time chauffeur, then many lifestyle managers will act as drivers when needed, for example to take to events or meetings, or to pick up children from school or other activities.
  • Cooking  Imagine you had someone, who, as well as sorting out your admin, also cooked meals or made meals in advance for the freezer. For a busy person with a family, this sort of help is invaluable for cutting down stress and giving more freedom to spend time the way you want to.

As you can see, the kinds of job a lifestyle manager can do are varied and plentiful. The above list is just an idea. Think of something you’d like to delegate, and we can find a lifestyle manager to fit the role. Our job is to help you work out what you need. Then we find you the right person who can fit that bespoke role.

Whether its lifestyle management services London, you need, or bespoke lifestyle management anywhere else from Manchester to Dubai, call us and let’s see how we can help.

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