What is a Lifestyle Manager?

Every Lifestyle Manager position is different. But what they all demand is an adaptive personality type. Someone who turns their nose up at doing certain tasks won’t make a good Lifestyle Manager. It’s not always easy to pinpoint exactly what is a lifestyle manager, but the beauty of the job is that you become a crucial cog in someone’s life, and can end up being involved in everything from parties to travel, as well as everyday tasks from dog-walking to admin.

We met up with Cheryl Bennett, Lifestyle Manager for a Stirling Financial Advisor, to discuss her role.

‘I first started working for Clare back in April 2009. For a long time I worked for my dad in his advertising agency. He gave me a good work ethic. I was taught to try out any task given to me. After that I worked for a graphic designer as an office manager – again covering any task that was required. Unfortunately, I was made redundant but a client put me in touch with Clare.

As Clare’s Lifestyle Manager, my role has changed over time. I really started as her PA, working from her home. I would cover general admin for her financial services work and some book keeping. The hours vary from week to week – it just depends on what is required.

As we got to know each other, my role developed into helping around the farm and dealing with the accounts for that. I also feed the cows and round up sheep. It’s very diverse!

I love shopping and am always on the look out for things that Clare might like. I enjoy cooking and now I sometimes cook if Clare has a dinner party or has family to stay. I also fill her freezer with cooked meals.

I love everything about my lifestyle manager job, and really look forward to seeing what the day has to bring. There is never a dull day. I love the fact I can work on my own initiative and if I see things need to be done I go ahead, and let Clare get on with the financial stuff. Also the very best thing about my job is we share Dudley – the best little dog ever.

I hope that I take away some of the little hassles away from Clare to allow her to focus on more important things. She has become a very special friend.’ 

Cheryl’s role has evolved over time, which is typical of the Lifestyle Manager job. You won’t necessarily become great friends with the person who employs you, but you may well become an indispensable part of their life. It’s a role that requires trust, initiative, versatility and a positive mindset. The answer to ‘What is a lifestyle manager’ obviously depends on the job, but it always offers plenty of diversity of interest.

Susie Osborough, Director

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