Job hunting? Make a career change and dive into something different

There’s no denying that a job for life is a thing of the past. This great BBC article showcases a few career-change success stories of people who have gone from being a stockbroker to stock-maker, footballer to recruiter, surveyor to inventor, and more. It really shows how flexible the modern workplace can be. But it also shows that you have to make the opportunities happen yourself.

At 14fiftyseven, we’re big fans of changing the way you look at life and work. Sometimes all you need is confidence to make a career change. It’s not mumbo jumbo to tell yourself that you can do it. It doesn’t matter what age you are, either.

We recruit people to work in extraordinary places – in the homes and offices of very successful individuals who may need a broad spectrum of help. They don’t just need a nanny. They need someone to help with childcare, plus some home-management, maybe even assistance with organising holidays and pet care. No one job is the same – and the advantage is these jobs are stimulating.

We know that skills gained outside the workplace are just as important as those learned in it. We look at people as a whole, not just a narrow CV.

And, if you’re an employer, wondering where the really motivated staff have gone – contact us here or call us on 0208 616 1457. We can provide flexible, inspiring people with a broad range of skills to help manage your life.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to take the career-change plunge – into a world full of possibility, contact us now. We want people to work in private residences, in family offices, and more. You can register your CV online.

As a minimum we look for #integrity #honesty #hardwork #loyalty and #discretion.

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James Roberts, Managing Director

14fiftyseven.  Because we’ve been there.

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