Hiring household staff isn’t just for millionaires. In the modern world, we could all use some help.

Many people will already employ a nanny, au pair, or a cleaner. At 14fiftyseven, we’re providing and recruiting a new kind of household staff. We think the traditional roles of nanny, butler, household manager, estate manager, or even personal assistant, can be brought up to date and made more flexible – where several skills come into one job.

The idea of 14fiftyseven is to help people get the most out of life by freeing up their valuable time, to spend more of it with their friends and families, or take up hobbies, or get fit, for example. You don’t need a mansion to benefit from employing someone to help pay household bills, plan meals, organise cleaning, and meet the children from school.

Maybe it’s time you joined the revolution – investing in yourself by investing in some great personal staff? Or maybe you’d like to work in an exciting environment, helping manage the lives of busy people?

14fiftyseven is as much about the candidates as it is the clients. As a director of the Progressive Personnel Group since 2007, I’m an experienced recruiter and know that when candidates are empowered to use a diverse skill set they have, their job satisfaction improves. And in the field of hiring household staff, more diverse jobs lead to greater retention in what is a traditionally a very transient workplace. We aim to change that. Frequent household staff changes cause upheaval, particularly where children are involved, and when the employer must explain their preferences over and over.

We get to know people’s key strengths and work hard to match those to our clients’ differing lifestyles. Hiring good household staff requires skill – you want to match people correctly, particularly as it’s working in people’s homes.

We also understand that with these roles comes discretion, and offer this at every level of the recruitment process of hiring household staff.

Looking for a new kind of household staff? Get in touch here.

Interested in flexible household job opportunities? Get in touch here.

Tony Macdonald, Operations Director

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