Don’t struggle on when you need to hire a nanny

Susie Osborough didn’t realise her need to hire a nanny – until she got one after hiring childcare help during the summer holidays.

When the summer holidays hit, for many parents stress levels escalate rather than dip. The slightly panicked problem of ‘How will we juggle the children being off school with work?’ raises its attention-seeking head. For many of us, there might be a passing thought, imagined in the heat of a stressful work/childcare juggling day, which is: I need to hire a nanny.

Why don’t we listen to that thought more carefully? I remember calling in so many favours over the summer holidays when my children were little. My husband and I didn’t have the luxury of parents close by, day care nurseries depleted our savings and the kids never wanted to go anyway, and I hated being that parent who kept sending them off to other (probably equally stressed) parents’ houses.

For several summers I was literally juggling for 6 or 7 weeks. Being in their own home after weeks of early morning starts was a luxury the children longed for. Guilt was my constant friend, and work suffered because of it. The need to hire a nanny was there, but I just didn’t go for it. To be honest, I didn’t even really consider it for a long time.

But one happy summer we bit the bullet and employed someone to come to the house to look after them and we never looked back. All four of us benefited from this arrangement, not only did Sarah care for our children, she left us a meal, did some ironing and the children were properly entertained rather than just sat in front of TV – which today would be screens – for hours on end. This one summer of stress-free happiness led to me hiring a full-time nanny.

Take a nanny on holiday

However, one thing we never did, something I regret to this day, was take a nanny with us on holiday. Many of our friends did and they came home having had wonderful massages, candlelit dinners, snorkelling trips, days out on a boat, all things we couldn’t enjoy because the children were so young. These friends felt rested and the times they did spend with the children were quality times – lovely meals out, shared story time, swimming in the pool. Quite often the need to hire a nanny is simply overlooked when it’s actually the most obvious answer staring families in the face.

With wonderful holidays in mind we recently partnered with The Villa and Experience The French Riviera. Jameson and his team share our values and match holiday properties to their clients’ unique requirements. Their luxury properties all lend themselves to bringing along a nanny.

One other ultimate luxury experience, which friends of ours organised was to take the whole family, grandparents included, to a wonderful house in Provence. That in itself was a wonderful treat but the piece de resistance was they took a cook with them. Meal times, which on past holidays had been a chore, became a time of laughter, conversation and all about creating precious memories.

You may be reading this and thinking, yes, I need to hire a nanny, and yes please I’d like to take a cook on holiday, but I can’t possibly afford that. You may be surprised.  Why not call us or email to explore options. We’re all about making things work, and I for one want to pass on the wisdom which is don’t just think you need to hire a nanny – do it. Allowing yourself to live a better life is a good thing for the whole family.

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Susie Osborough, Director

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