Why we’re not like other PA Recruitment Agencies

One thing I’ve learned when talking to clients is their need for absolute privacy. I’ve had many chats with other PA recruitment agencies who have namedropped shamelessly while talking to me – without really knowing who I am.

We don’t do that. Discretion is our watchword.

If you’re employing PAs and private staff to work closely with you, often in your home (we also recruit nannies, butlers, lifestyle managers, and other household staff), you want to keep your personal information just that – personal. Even in these days of oversharing on social media, there are things we all want to stay private.

Whether you’re a multi-millionaire, a well-known personality, or simply someone who needs an extra pair of hands, we always handle your personal information with absolute care. Many people don’t want their whereabouts shared, or any information about their families to become public, and we totally respect that.

Background checks

At 14fiftyseven, we’re not like other PA recruitment agencies – we guarantee thorough checks on potential employees. We understand the need for non-disclosure agreements in certain cases so that new staff don’t share images or information without thinking, and we can be present at interviews to share hands-on expertise in finding that perfect fit.

Another difference is that we have over 30 years’ international recruitment experience between us, as part of the Progressive Personnel Group and elsewhere. We have been there, have families, run businesses, and know the ins and outs of good employment practise. We’re not fresh out of college.

We start by building a partnership with clients to find the best candidates – people you can trust. Once we establish what you need (we can help you work out what that is), we carry out those stringent reference checks. We verify information, check social media profiles, and seek identification evidence before someone is offered an interview. We don’t share clients’ names and address until close to the interview either.

Additional services

Once the placement has been made, we’re still there to help. We don’t disappear into the ether. Our continuing employment advice and appraisal services are part of our package. This is very different to most PA recruitment agencies, or others offering household staff. And it’s a world away from hiring people yourself without any expert backup.

If you don’t appoint a reputable PA recruitment agency such as ourselves, staff can be appointed in a rush, with corners cut, and work permit eligibility and references left unchecked. This can result in disaster. You wouldn’t hire like this in a corporate environment or HR would be on to you in minutes. So why do many families and individuals, seeking support in their homes not carry out the due diligence to protect themselves? The answers are various – the solution is 14fiftyseven. We can do it all for you for great staff, peace of mind, and protection from serious consequences.

Duty of care

At 14fiftyseven, we take our responsibilities and duty of care, not only to our clients, but also our candidates, very seriously. We add value to our clients’ lives and give them the privacy they need. Outlining expectations from the outset minimises problems down the line.

If you need personal staff in any capacity, contact us. We find people to enhance clients’ work in the home and in family offices, from PAs to nannies, butlers and beyond. Our speciality is going further than other PA recruitment agencies to find flexible staff who can adapt to your differing needs.

Susie Osborough, Director

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