14fiftyseven Director Susie Osborough has run her own business and worked as a self-employed management consultant. She says asking for help when you’re self-employed can be hard, but getting the right help from PA recruitment agencies could be the answer to your prayers and a fast way to improve your productivity.

A recent BBC report states that the number of UK self-employed workers has been rising since 2001, and that they now make up 15% of the British workforce. According to the Office for National Statistics, the figure was 4.8 million in 2017.

From photographers to consultants, start-up entrepreneurs to dog walkers, the self employed are a varied bunch with no two situations the same. What is similar across the self-employed spectrum however, is that all the jobs involve an element of juggling. With any self-employment, there will be busy times and slow times. And during those busy times, balancing work and homelife pressures can be tricky.

Many of the self-employed people I know are masters of juggling, often working late into the night so that they can squeeze in childcare during that hectic post-school 3pm-7pm slot. Others start work fantastically early in order to have a long run at lunchtime or take the dog for a walk. Anyone who has been self-employed will know that you nearly always say ‘Yes’ to work, even if that means working around the clock. You become like that proverbial swan, smiling serenely at new clients while frantically paddling underneath.

Freedom – good and bad

This freedom to set your own timings and work how, when, and sometimes where you like is a great perk of being self-employed. Those who are stuck in other boss’s offices often look on scathingly. But the freedom of self-employment can, ironically, often end up meaning you work incredibly long hours. This is partly driven by the desire to succeed. You’re in charge, so you need to prove you can make it work. But it’s also that age-old freelance problem of feast or famine – working hard to make sure you’re OK even in quiet periods. And, of course, there’s no-one to tell you to go home if your home is your office.

It may sound like a simple solution – to get help from PA recruitment agencies and the like. But it’s surprising how many self-employed people struggle on alone, when with a little financial adjustment, they could easily afford an assistant. In fact, they could benefit from one, because the assistant could get on with the more menial work, while you hook in new lucrative projects.

PA recruitment agencies

For self-employed people, an assistant or PA could be someone who works across your business and home. Unlike other PA recruitment agencies, we can tailor-make a position to fit exactly what you need. We sometimes call the people who fill these positions lifestyle managers. But PA works, too, or assistant. The point is that you could hire someone to work on your business for three days a week, and they could help with cooking and housework one day a week, plus take the dog for daily walks, too.

Are you one of these growing number of self-employed people? Does this sound like the sort of solution that would make your life easier? Think of it is as freeing you up to progress your self-employed career, so that you no longer have to fill your head with the problems of juggling, instead focusing on making your self-employed career the success it deserves to be.

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Susie Osborough, Director

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