More busy business people are hiring a private personal assistant using a personal assistant recruitment agency – why not join them?

In a Financial Times article, one private personal assistant says he was helped in his first position by being told by his employer: ‘It’s not about you, it’s about me.’ That may sound egotistical of this high-net-worth employer, but in fact it was simply honest. While the principal, or employer, may have a large ego that needs to be satisfied, the personal assistant role is to ease that person’s passage through life. And while the principal may spend a lot of time in the limelight, the personal assistant job will be more behind the scenes.

However, that doesn’t mean the personal assistant should simply be another Yes man or woman. A good private personal assistant needs quick wits, a thick skin, good negotiating skills, and to be able to say no, as well as yes. They will certainly spend time saying no to people who want to get close to the principal, for one reason or another.

Matching personal assistant to employer

For the right person being a private personal assistant is a fascinating job. More and more celebrities and successful business people are choosing to come to personal assistant recruitment agencies to find a good person to help run their lives. It’s by far the safest and most reliable route to finding the best household staff.

In the past, the route to this type of personal assistant job may have been a previous role as a house manager or butler, but now it’s as likely to be someone who’s been in PR or been a PA in a corporation. It’s equally suited to men or women; the main art of finding the best personal assistant is matching personality types and expectations. That’s where the personal assistant recruitment agency comes in.

Our job as a personal assistant recruitment agency is to pair the right people together. To do this we have an arsenal of help, from expert security partners who complete detailed background checks, to strategies to keep the working relationship healthy for both parties.

Juggling busy lives

Often, the people employing private personal assistants will ask for help across work and home lives. A personal assistant may help with admin for a start-up fitness company for a business woman for 3 hours of the day, then hop in the car to pick up children from school or take the dog for a spin around the park.

The new private personal assistant role can be very varied in this way. But that’s what makes it a uniquely satisfying job. You’re at the coalface of someone’s life. You’re the pin keeping everything together. It’s often our role as the personal assistant recruitment agency to make sure we find people who are as happy to cook a meal for children as they are to book five-star trips for the principal, and then accompany them on that trip, smoothing the way as they travel. Each role is different, and we always get a very clear picture of what is required at the start.

One difficulty of hiring private staff without a personal assistant recruitment agency is that boundaries can become quickly blurred between business and private relationships. Of course, if someone is working closely with their principal’s personal life every day the relationship will be closer than that in a corporate environment, but part of the trick of being good at the job is keeping those boundaries clear. That’s where our HR experience helps – and we can be brought back in to solve any issues even after someone is employed.

Who hires a private PA

Often the people who need this sort of private PA in their lives don’t actually realise it. They think they must be the reserve of richer and more successful people then them. But in truth, anyone who hires a cleaner, a nanny or a gardener, and runs a busy life – maybe working from home, is the exact person who could benefit from a private PA in their life. Call us to see how we can help.

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