We pick our favourite and most unusual private staff roles 

Here at 14fiftyseven, we stopped in our online browsing tracks this week, when we came across an advert posted by a family who want an experienced photographer to travel the world in luxury with them for most of 2019, as a member of their private staff. The salary was good (£80K), and the travel sounds amazing.

One of the best things about recruiting for private staff roles such as this, is the wonderfully imaginative jobs that people require, from manning tropical island estates, to looking after Scottish castles, for example, or for being the day-to-day PA to a glam celebrity.

We specialise in finding excellent people for unusual household and private staff roles. So, if you need a nanny who loves to travel, or a housekeeper who’s a dab hand at looking after horses, or a fashion-loving party-planning personal assistant, call us at 14fiftyseven.

Here are five of the most interesting private staff jobs we’ve come across:

  1. Photographer to travel the world with a family

    This unique position entails almost full-time travelling with a family to events such as Mardi Gras in New Orleans, the Rio Carnival, skiing in Val d’Isere, and the Formula One Grand Prix in Monaco. It offers an £80k salary and all travel is covered, of course. Sounds like a dream come true for a travel-hungry photographer who is happy to work long days photographing the family and able to travel almost all the time.

  2. Lifestyle Manager who also likes cows

    A financial advisor in Scotland who lives on a rural estate employs a lifestyle manager to do several jobs for her, including admin for her job, some cooking, travel booking, driving, and occasionally to look after her small herd of cows, too. It’s the perfect job for someone who doesn’t want every day to be the same. Read more here.

  3. Private tropical island caretaker

    Queensland Tourism is reasonably frequently looking for suitable candidates to manage its collection of idyllic islands, dotted around the area of the Great Barrier Reef. One from earlier this year offers a minimum 2-year contract to live in paradise. Of course, there’s plenty of work – cleaning and maintaining the properties, but it’s all based in most people’s idea of nirvana. And as there are many privately owned tropical islands all over the globe, they’ll pretty much all need a caretaker. This isn’t as rare a job as it might seem.

  4. Food tester

    To be honest we haven’t yet had a request to place a food tester, but if there are any high-up heads of state who feel they need to follow in Vladimir Putin’s footsteps and hire a food tester to check no-one’s out to poison them, we’re sure we could recruit the right person. As the likelihood of poisoning remains low, the job mainly requires someone who loves to eat.

  5. Superyacht crew

    Our partners over at Sovren Crew – who are experts in providing staff for luxury yacht owners, offer positions on some of the most beautiful yachts in the world. Jobs can be anything from a masseuse to deck-hands, or cooks to Captains. So, if you want to sail the world in luxury, check out their job board. Once on land, 14fiftyseven helps the luxury yacht owners find great land staff for their properties around the world.

Susie Osborough


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