If January blues are getting to you, the solution could be hiring permanent help, and restructuring your lifestyle using the services of private household staff agencies

We’ve all heard the news from the High St – retailers are struggling because we’re no longer spending on stuff, it seems. What people increasingly want is experiences. While having nice things is good on one level, we’re finally waking up to the fact that what’s better for the soul is to live well.

So, with that in mind, maybe you’ve signed up for a new yoga class, or are taking a walk in the park every day – quitting the al-desko lunch for a healthy half hour outside, or simply sitting down and eating more mindfully. These kind of January additions to our lives help us feel healthier and calmer.

Time poor

However, all the people we speak to have one problem in common that’s not cured by any of the usual array of New Year’s resolutions. They are all short of time.

Private household staff agencies, like 14fiftyseven, deal in giving you back valuable time.

If you were a company planning your next financial year, you’d look at your overall spend and compare it with output. You’d ask yourself if you were getting enough return for the effort put in.

Our advice is to adopt the same approach with your private life. If you look at your overall spend – including outgoings for the gardener and cleaner, for example, as well as for bills and holidays – then look at how much quality time you get once you’ve cooked meals, organised those holidays, driven the family to where they need to go, been to the gym, done that new yoga class, finished off some work. The likelihood is that you’re ending up time poor. So why are you working so hard just to keeping treading that hamster wheel?

Imagine now, that you have someone in your home every day, maybe just for a few hours, and they prepare your evening meals, order your food shopping, tidy up a bit, phone the guy to come and hose the patio ready for spring, make sure the boiler is serviced, and walk the dog, too. This is the sort of change in your life that would actually give you more enjoyment of life.

Private household staff agencies

Private household staff agencies such as ours can tailormake a role, meaning your new member of staff comes in and does everything you need them to. We also hire nannies, home chefs, and estate managers, but what we’re really good at is creating a bespoke role. In fact, we have some nannies who also spend time helping in other ways, and estate managers who double as drivers. Creating bespoke roles is our job. A lot of our lifestyle managers (that’s the term that best suits most of these roles – but feel free to call them a Personal Assistant, or Family Assistant – the name isn’t important) do a very diverse set of jobs. In fact, that’s the appeal of the job for people – it’s never boring, and can be everything from admin assistant to childcare and cook.

The way we work is by starting with a phone call. We find out what changes in your life could lead to a significant improvement in your lifestyle, giving you back time to spend with your family, or work out – or do whatever you want. This is our expertise. We may have solutions that you haven’t even considered.

Treat your life more like a business

Too many of us leave our home lives to chance – hiring the nearest available cleaner, or scrambling about with daily meal planning. Instead, use the advice and services of expert private household staff agencies to help reorganise things. This level of not being in control is what contributes to the January blues. Banish them for good by giving us a call to see how we could improve your lifestyle. We’re sure it’ll be the best January change you’ll ever make.

Susie Osborough


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