The who, what, why and how of where to hire a butler

In our office, requests for household staff are never the same. We are taking varied enquiries from clients seeking solutions to help them better manage their homes and offices, and hiring a butler often perfectly fits their needs.

There are many types of butlers – travelling, corporate, household, personal and hotel, for starters. Travel writer Sophie Pither recently had the pleasure of staying at the Lanesborough Hotel in London, and was so impressed by their butlers she wrote a guest blog for us about it. The hotel offers a butler per room for the duration of your stay. Bliss! When can we check in? Snoopy, her beloved pooch has apparently not behaved the same since having butler-attention lavished on him. Lanesborough butlers will attend to all your needs – including walking the dog across Hyde Park.

Butlers are an elite breed, traditionally male, but in recent years many women have joined the ranks. Immaculately presented (though increasingly in the 21st-century, modern butlers are non-uniformed), they work behind the scenes, alone or as part of a team, seamlessly delivering a service that exceeds expectations. They must be prepared for anything, at any given moment and even when all seems to be falling apart, around them, they need to deliver a calm service. They’re the epitome of the revitalised British Government command: Keep Calm and Carry On, which came out when the country was preparing for World War II. A good butler must not only be calm, but also discreet, professional, intuitive, innovative, passionate, tidy and empathetic.

For most butlers, no one day is the same, and each role is different. They could be serving tea, managing a contractor, polishing silver, picking up the children on nanny’s day off, or making the best eggs benedict you can imagine. Their ever-changing schedule might also mean organising complicated travel arrangements and packing cases. It’s a stimulating role, and one that requires a good deal of dedication. The right butler can change a client’s life.

Where to hire a butler for your office

Corporate Butlers are a recent addition to the business community. A company we work with recently employed two, to not only serve their clients but to also work with their team. The coffee station was replaced by a butler and a trolley, which the staff loved and the Directors loved more. Apparently, productivity dramatically increased because breaks became shorter as people weren’t leaving their desks for so long.

Where to hire a butler to bring calm to your life

Butlers I have met make you instantly feel you have the cavalry by your side. They just have a capable air of ‘anything is possible’ about them. At 14fiftyseven we sometimes call them lifestyle managers, but what’s in a title? It’s all about the candidate and we have some exceptional ones that would be an asset to any house or company wanting to experience the calming joy having a butler in your life brings.

So, when you next feel panicked and juggling those ever-falling balls, don’t Google where to hire a butler because now you know just where to come.

Susie Osborough, Director

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