Where to hire a nanny

14fiftyseven Director Susie Osborough shares invaluable advice about where to hire a nanny, having gone through all the options when her children were little

Have you ever tried to search online for Where to Hire a Nanny and quickly become overwhelmed with the multiple options presented? You’re not the first. Finding the right people to care for your children is one of the most emotional times in the parenting journey. We seek reassurance and advice from friends and colleagues and more often than not, they start to share their own horror stories, which is less than helpful.

I was once in this position when mine were little (they’re now 24 and 27). I tried all the options – nurseries, afterschool care, family friends and childminders. All were excellent in their own way but none came close to having someone working at home. I used to dread the 6.30am departure to allow me to get to the office on time. And I still get palpitations at the thought of the British Rail announcer saying in his clipped tones, ‘Regrettably, due to leaves on the line, all trains from Waterloo will be delayed by up to an hour this evening’. This – or a suspicious package or signal failure – would mean I’d arrive at the nursery or childminder ‘after closing time’. They would do little to disguise their frustration as to why, once again, I was late picking up the children. I know they doubted that one person could have so many journey delays but anyone that has navigated city traffic or been at the mercy of public transport, or just had to stay late for a meeting, will relate to this experience.

Granny help or nanny help

Family members are often a great support network but how does one get away from that feeling of guilt every time you ask them for ‘just one more favour’. They invariably say yes and your relief is immense but how does one ever thank them. The perfect gift would be to have them over for a meal, to spend quality time with them, rather than deliver and collect the kids on the run. But guess what, unless you’re Super Parent all you want to do when you have a second of spare time is collapse in a heap, not prepare a meal and heaven forbid conduct an adult conversation!

There is also increasing evidence that Granny care is straining at the seams, with many grandparents afraid to tell their offspring that they would rather do less not more full-on childcare.

We’ve been there

With all this being part of my parenting journey, when James and Tony, my fellow Directors invited me to join them at 14fiftyseven, I jumped at the opportunity. If my experience could help another parent solve their dilemma about where to hire a nanny I wanted to be a part of what they offered.

At 14fiftyseven we are fast becoming the go-to agency for finding the perfect match for our clients. Why? Because we believe the title nanny or manny is no longer a person with a strict management style. In fact, they are modern-day lifestyle managers. They not only care for the children, they also walk the dog, take the car for an MOT, and fill the freezer with a lot of fun in between.

The thing to do is talk to us. We’re all about fitting the solution to the family. No one nanny fits every situation. The Where to Hire a Nanny question needs careful consideration – not just closing your eyes and grabbing the nearest available person. After all, if you’re more relaxed and less stressed, you’ll be a happier and more relaxed parent. Those around you can still offer support, but you won’t need to rely on them.

So, when you next race out of the office in fear of being late for the childcare provider on that particular day, why not call us to see how we can put measures in place that may have your colleagues wondering what you have done to look like life is just getting better and better.

14fiftyseven. Because we’ve been there.

Susie Osborough, Director

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14fiftyseven. Because we’ve been there.




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