Why I set up 14fiftyseven – recruitment for a new kind of household staff.

It’s not hard to see that spending well on expert childcare, dream family holidays, or even a personal trainer can vastly improve our lives. It’s one reason I decided to set up 14fiftyseven – the fact that people are increasingly interested in investing in the things that mean the most to them.

However, I think we can go further. Hiring the right household staff to help manage more areas of our lives can be lifechanging. It frees up valuable time to spend with family and friends, get fit, or simply do whatever you love to do best.

The idea for 14fiftyseven was sparked when I noticed that a friend’s nanny was qualified to do far more than pick up and drop off the children at school. Some nanny roles are just that. But often, both client and nanny want more – to keep the job fresh and interesting. Employing household staff who are flexible can free up an employer’s time and save them money in the long term.

I started to wonder why so many of us collapse in a heap or spend the whole weekend weeding, filling the freezer, tidying, or passing up spending time with our families while we pay bills or finish chores. Wouldn’t it be better to invest in household staff to do those jobs for us during the week? And even better – what if one person could take on several tasks?

As a director of both brands within the Progressive Personnel Group – Progressive Travel Recruitment, and 14fiftyseven – I have been recruiting since 2005.  I know the art of successful recruitment is about far more than compiling a database of candidates. We get to know people’s key strengths and work hard to match those to our clients’ differing lifestyles. We care as much about the candidates as the clients.

I want to get away from an old-fashioned view of household staff – ie the roles of nanny, butler, household manager, estate manager, or even personal assistant. 14fiftyseven is more about finding successful flexible household staff for modern families. With time, I think we’ll get away from those old fixed job titles, too – and move towards the role of a Lifestyle Manager.

This is a modern business, too. Any notion of discrimination isn’t welcome. As equal opportunities employers ourselves, we will only work with clients who know that age, looks, gender, race or religion aren’t an issue.

Each household staff role will be different – our USP is to understand who fits where. There are amazing opportunities for the right people.

Looking for a new kind of household staff? Get in touch here.

Interested in flexible household job opportunities? Get in touch here.

James Roberts, Managing Director

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