A recent article in The Times reported that some British nannies are being offered £100k+ salaries, particularly by nanny recruitment agencies and private households in the Middle East, Asia, and Russia.

The findings come from a survey commissioned by Select Premier Insurance, whose company head Nick Brabham says, ‘Making sure that your children have the best possible care is a top priority for all parents… families are spending more and more to ensure that their child is safe and looked after by someone that is reliable, responsible and a good role model.’

As a parent and director at 14fiftyseven, I understand this need – to invest well in the things that matter to you the most. While we’re not a conventional nanny recruitment agency, we do place nannies with households who are looking for more modern childcare and household-help solutions.

Today’s employers want flexible nannies

The article describes how some clients want extraordinary nanny services. One wanted the nanny job to include looking after a pet donkey, another to be an expert vegan cook, and one to be a qualified ski instructor. In a job ad from last year, a family wanted the nanny to supervise homework in four locations: London, Barbados, Cape Town, and Atlanta. And why not – within reason? These exciting opportunities from modern nanny recruitment agencies are perfect for the right candidate.

Employing the right people can enhance your life – not just in terms of giving you more time, but it can even save you money. Investing in good help makes sense. We recognise the candidates who are willing to go the extra mile.

One of the ways we differ from conventional nanny recruitment agencies is that 14fiftyseven can audit your supply base and present opportunities for savings. For households that already employ staff, an audit and review of performance is available. If this is the first time you’re employing staff, we will thoroughly asses what you need. This can all be done via a simple phonecall, or we can meet up. The  outcomes lead to more satisfaction for both staff and employer.

We see good household staff jobs in the modern world as moving away from an old-fashioned upstairs-downstairs view of traditional roles like nanny, butler, household manager, estate manager, or even personal assistant. 14fiftyseven aims to combine roles to present new job opportunities and declutter clients’ lives.

Diverse requirements are our strength. The more varied the skills and ambitions of the candidate the better we can match them to an employer seeking talented staff. This is why we are less conventional than other nanny recruitment agencies, or household staff agencies. We look at the whole person including all of their skills, and make sure they match the job available.

Discrimination is not an option at 14fiftyseven

However, The Times article also reported that, unofficially, some clients on nanny recruitment agency books request ‘ugly nannies’ or ‘size 6’ employees. At 14fiftyseven discrimination is never an option.

We are also committed to ensuring staff are treated well. With flexible positions, the idea is that roles are agreed on at the start, and both employer and employee are happy. Our modern recruitment methods mean transparency is essential, leading to more satisfied clients and candidates. Having said that, we treat every employer with total discretion.

Looking for a new kind of household staff? Get in touch here.

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Susie Osborough, Director

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